Day with the Veteran’s…

I made the decision to change it up this week…because, I’m 1 of the couple of submitting fishing studies from Oklahoma…technically, this is MY Globe…so, WELCOME TO IT!

We had this kind of a great outing with Shawn the week ahead of…l-1519190.html I determined to head back again down and get a couple Air Force men with me this time. Temperatures was a bit hotter, but, with twenty+mph gust, the circumstances were a lot less than best. Accompaning me nowadays were SSgt’s Bowles, Klopf, and Nelson. These men are some of the Air Force’s best, and it was a satisfaction to commit the day with them. Like final week, we set up early to do some &quotlive lining&quot Shad and had some early achievement.

We had been catching Black Bass and Sand Bass pretty regularly, and here are a few of our keepers.
Attachment 208324Attachment 208325

We then moved out and attempted some bottom fishing…the Sandies have been not as cooperative these days as they have been previously, but, we managed a few keepers and right after a hour or so, we made the decision to see if we could locate the Channel catfish. We re-rigged the rods to do some drifting across the flats, but, with the gusting wind, and cooler temp’s, the fish failed to want to waste also significantly power &quotchasing&quot our baits. We did manage to catch a handful, and the guys had a blast.
Attachment 208322

Sorry, we left the camera in the truck, so, all the photographs are from the dock.

Attachment 208323

Once again, not the most productive day, but, a Fantastic day with some of America’s very best!!!

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Attached Photographs

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