Deep Sea Fishing Beaufort NC North Carolina

Beaufort, North Carolina lies nestled in the surrounding islands of the Southern Outer Banks, protected from coastal storms by Shackleford Banks and Taylor’s Creek.Its southern shore has direct access to the Beaufort Inlet Channel, which opens into the Atlantic Ocean.Many fishers and charter boats call this port their home.


Beaufort’s history is one built entirely upon the fishing industry.Originally called “Fishtowne,” Beaufort is the third-oldest town in North Carolina, founded in 1709 and inhabited solely by fishermen and whalers for many years.Today, many aspects of a once-bustling industry have declined – once a haven for menhaden and shellfish, much of the activity has declined or disappeared due to overfishing and dredging or the inshore bays and river deltas.


Sport fishing and deep-sea fishing are still a predominant part of the local economy, and of local life.Charter fishing can be found all throughout Beaufort.Many boast are docked on Front Street in Beaufort’s historic downtown.Others can be found toward the airport on West Beaufort Street and around the marina.From Taylor’s Creek, the basins of The Newport River, The North River, and several inland bays are just moments away.


Just south of Beaufort are the barrier islands of Cape Lookout and Shackleford Banks.Once inhabited by fishing families, these islands are now protected wildlife reserves, accessible only be ferry or personal craft.The families that once lived on Shackleford migrated to the mainland in the 1890’s after several hurricanes decimated the region.

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