Get together & go fishing looking for the big prize!


Nothing beats the thrill of having a big fighter on the other end of the rod.


Leave the expenses, hassles and worries of owning a fishing boat at the dock, and head out with one of our local boat captains to fish the bountiful waters of Cape Lookout, Bogue Sound, Big Rock and the Gulf Stream.


Call early to book your trip to make sure you get your dates, & be sure to let the captains know that you found them on


Simply give us a call & schedule your adventure


Reserve a Private Charter for an unrivaled Cape Lookout experience, book one of our Fishing Charters, and spend a half-day or full-day fishing for the local species, or take advantage of our COMBO-Day package, which gives you a half-day of fishing, combined with a half day private charter.


The captain & crew will draw on vast experience to be sure that you’re in the prime position to get in a fight!


You can BOOK ONLINE on the website


From only $60 per person!






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