Captain’s BUZZ

Bluefins are getting THICK

The bluefins have been around for a while but things look like they are finally getting thick. We fished offshore on Friday and caught two. The first was around 100 pounds and fit into the slot we are allowed to keep. The second was too big to keep and we estimated the fish at around 300 pounds. It was windy and fishing conditions were tough but the tuna were there. We were around schools of bluefin the entire trip. There were two other boats fishing and both of them caught one fish small enough to keep and several over the 73 inch limit. Yesterday one boat fished from Oregon Inlet and he was able to find one small enough to keep. It is fun to see the big ones around. If you want to catch a big tuna it is time to come.

Striper fishing just keeps hanging on as well. The last two days have been excellent fishing for the fleet. We fished yesterday afternoon and limited out. The stripers were a little smaller but it was good action for a half day trip.

Let us know if you are ready to get out of the house and spend some time on the ocean. Thanks! 

Captain Kenneth Brown