Deep Sea Fishing Atlantic Beach NC North Carolina

Atlantic Beach lies on the eastern end of Bogue Banks, an island proudly serving as a center for the fishing community of the Southern Outer Banks.Its southern shore is on the Atlantic Ocean, and the northern shore is a gateway to the waterways of the Bogue Inlet, connecting the island to mainland North Carolina by MoreheadCity.Its eastern shore houses FortMacon, a 19th Century military installment that was a key strategic acquisition for both sides of the Civil War.The Gulf Stream warms the waters throughout the summer months, creating lots of aquatic migratory traffic.


AtlanticBeach’s industry has always been determined by that of neighboring MoreheadCity.Initially a satellite beach access and bath house for MoreheadCity’s Atlantic Hotel, AtlanticBeach was only accessible by boat until the late 1920’s, and without permanent residents until the 1930’s.While the town’s initial focus was on tourism, fishing has always been deeply-engrained into the local society.On any given day, the beach is lined with anglers, and the horizon with boats.The ocean side of the island was once home to several fishing piers, a couple of which still stand today.


Fishing charters are available in numerous spots on the sound side of AtlanticBeach.On both sides of the Atlantic Beach Causeway (connecting the town to neighboring MoreheadCity), there are endless marinas and docks which open into the Bogue Sound, just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.From MoneyIslandBay all the way to FortMacon, charters are available for both inlet and offshore fishing.Throughout the sound, there are also small creeks and waterways ideal for personal fishing boats.Several spots along the Causeway and in surrounding neighborhoods offer ramps to put out boats into the sound.

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