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Jacksonville, North Carolina was first developed after its original Native American settlers were forcefully removed after the Tuscarora War in the early 1700’s.


Its key location on the New River made it an ideal port for the naval trade of tobacco, lumber, and turpentine, and it thrived until its incorporation in 1842 (named Jacksonville after United States President Andrew Jackson). The United States Army Corps of Engineers surveyed the area in 1939 and decided it a prime location for a military installment   Two years later, the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base was constructed, forever changing the face of Jacksonville.


Over the past few decades, the city has grown from a population of 800 to over 80,000, entirely from the insurgence of military families and industry.As Jacksonville is set away from the Atlantic Ocean in the New River, most fishermen report to nearby coastal cities like Swansboro or Topsail Beach for their charter fishing needs.  In Topsail Beach, the waters are proudly patrolled by Plan 9 Fishing Charters & Guide Service.