Some Day’s It Just Doesn’t Pay To Get Out Of Bed!!!,

Yesterday was a single of those day’s. Figured that right after a summer season &quotfishless&quot, that I would attempt to make at minimum one journey to catch a tuna on my twenty five footer. I have not had the boat out from beneath the shelter given that acquiring the &quotWildCard&quot the initial week of Could. Had the typical total day and 50 percent the night of preperation, you know the usual stuff. Was planing on heading out of OI, but a last moment adjust of plan’s place me out of Hatteras.

Back again the boat into the ramp at all around 4:00 AM. Let me re-phrase, backed the boat OFF the ramp at four:00. I later found the hole to be approx 5 feet deep. So what to do??? I received this 4X4 Ford Diesel for a purpose, so let us lock in the hub’s and place it in 4Xlow. Mistaken move!!!! Following the snatching and jerking that took place, nicely let’s say that the trailer could be totalled. Soon after parking the truck and the now useless chunk of iron guiding it, I cranked to boat up to head out.

Seem’s that the STBD trim tab that worked yesterday evening, no more time work’s. I know it labored yesterday, simply because I had to substitute one particular of my now lifeless battery’s. Everything worked yesterday afternoon!!! So off we staem across the Audio and up off Diamond Shoal’s Mild, with the bow caught up greater than I would like, generating a rougher trip than standard. So we commence fishing with sore back’s and neck’s, what a way to wake up. We begin fishing about a few of the Charter Fleet boat’s, they have been picking a number of fish. One particular of the boat’s was &quotBite Me&quot and Capt Jay was far more than inclined to help set us on a handful of fish, thank’s Jay. Had a handful of hesitant hit’s but no fish in the box for alot extended than I would like to confess.

Later on in the morning we acquired a couple modest dolphin. Moved into some shallower drinking water and had a truly nice Wahoo, one that truly fooled me on the excess weight at the scales. When the fish hit the deck, I thought 70lb’s, if it was an ounce. Nope, he missing 20 lb’s between the deck and the scales. The guy that caught it was still very happy with his citation fish, but boy did that fish fool me. Caught a descent yellowfin in just abit closer.

Commenced in before simply because of the trailer scenario. About twenty mile’s off the seaside, the port motor will start shaking. I’m thinking, this is a great area for a plug to foul. Took it out of gear, no shake??? Lifted the engine up and we nowhave a 3 blade prop rather of the four blade prop we came out with. Never ever hit a issue, just threw the blade. Now we are not making alot of time and I have received to get these guy’s to my truck in Engelhard and operate the boat across the Audio to a dock nearer to property. Obtained in someplace close to nine:30/10:00 PM. Took a shower and just about fell asleep in the chair.

Got up this morning, go to wash my experience and absolutely nothing but grey mud come’s out of the faucet. Seem’s that my effectively &quotcaved in&quot last night time, not a drop of h2o now, it’s more than. Look’s like several thousand bucks to drill a new properly and plumb it up. A guy’s gotta have h2o to wash his boat and gear!!!

I guess it’s just my turn Again, who realized there was this kind of a very low quantity in the &quotkick me once more&quot rotation!!! I imagined I just had my turn!!! Ah properly, I guess it is BOHICA time as soon as much more. 🙁 Frank

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