Kona Hawaii fishing report – Feb. wrap-up

Kona Hawaii fishing report – Feb. wrap-up .

An additional “grander” (1030 lbs.) for Kona! In very last month’s report I stated that given that 1954 we have averaged somewhat far more than 2 granders a yr here in Kona so we’re off to a good start off with 10 months left in the yr to up that average. A handful of times after the catch I noticed the captain and deckhand at their boat so I walked over to congratulate them on their first grander. The captain stated it was his third. As I stood there puzzled with a ? expression on my confront, he said that he had caught two grander tiger sharks. It’s not the exact same factor in my ebook. In truth, I catch a lot more tiger sharks (and other sharks also) than any other captain in Kona. Due to the fact I do selection fishing on virtually every single journey, it just operates out that way. Even though I do have a grander blue marlin catch already, I have caught and launched more grander tigers than I can depend. The common size tiger below runs 800 to a thousand lbs. but because I release them, it is an estimate but as I mentioned in final month’s report, since of expertise I know a a thousand+ pound fish when I see it. A couple of a long time in the past I even received a tiger up to the boat that was an effortless 2000+ pounder. Although tigers ( and sharks in general) are indeed a tough battle, the way that marlin and sharks battle is fairly diverse. Following you hook a marlin, they usually jump all more than the spot and have on on their own out. Due to the fact of that, the more compact marlins are a fairly straightforward catch but the genuine massive ones are generally capable to catch a 2nd wind and place up a excellent battle. Sharks combat persistently difficult the complete way and don’t look to get exhausted at all. In my encounter, pound for pound sharks that are beneath a handful of hundred kilos are normally a harder fight than marlin of the identical measurement but when it comes to the electrical power of a really massive marlin, massive sharks and even grander tigers just don’t assess.

Even though there are a reasonable number of blue marlin around for this time of year, the striped marlin and spearfish were a slightly a lot more frequent catch this thirty day period. Since I’ve been conversing about fight-capacity, I’ll toss it in right here that spearfish are 1 of the wimpiest fighting fish ever before. One particular of their beloved tricks for getting absent is to match up the anglers cranking pace so the angler thinks the fish arrived off. If an angler doesn’t have significantly encounter, they’ll quit winding and that’s when the spearfish get’s slack line and is able to shake the hook. Some ono have been caught this thirty day period and they also are not a very strong fighter. The mahi mahi bite started early this year and when it comes to a excellent battle, it doesn’t get significantly greater pound for pound than mahi mahi. In reality, the word “mahi” is the Hawaiian term for “strong” and as it is in several international languages, if one thing is Extremely a lot the which means or essence of that phrase, they use the very same word 2 times to explain it. Ahi have also been a relatively regular catch this month and pound for pound every bit as powerful of a fighter as a mahi mahi.

Now for the bottom fish. The bottom bite has been quite excellent this thirty day period. Most of the sharks I catch are hooked although bottom fishing. I also catch and launch plenty of amberjack even though bottom fishing. In Florida these fish have the nick identify of “reef donkeys” since of their power to fight but there is 1 fish below in Hawaii that puts ALL of the other fish right here to disgrace when it happens to sheer strength. The king of all fish fights pound for pound goes to the GT, large trevally or in Hawaiian, “ulua”. I also catch more ulua than any other captain in Kona and the combat that they set up for their dimension is sometimes just unbelievable! If the ulua could receive a dimension of one thousand+ lbs, I don’t feel that there’s any fishing deal with presently manufactured or human energy capacity that could even catch one.

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