FS Bart Lures

I have purchased a new charter boat, and the proprietors spouse marketed all the tackle with it. So I am heading to be marketing a bunch of deal with as I get by way of every little thing. I indicate she introduced containers from the garage with stuff that belonged on the boat. Here we go to commence. These are like new Lures. Actually, a lot of of them have brand name new skirts and appear like they have never noticed the drinking water. I am going to ship with USPS express mail and will be glad to combine objects.

Bart Marlin Candy Black/Purple Offered Pending Payment

Bart Kona Vintage Tube Black and Pink $ forty.00

Bart Pelagic Breakfast Flying Fish Shade Blue/Black Offered Pending Fee

Bart Bad Guy Black/Pink,Blue,Blk. $ twenty five.00

Bart RPP Flying Fish Shade Blue/Blk. $ 33.00

Moyes Big Solution #4 Black.Orange $ forty eight.00

Bart Kona Traditional Tube Flying Fish Shade $ forty.00

Bart 1656 Flat Pink/Pink $ 42.00

Bart Warrior Blue&ampsilver/Pink $ forty.00

Bart Mini 1656 Flat Light Blue/Pink $ 32.00

Bart RPP Black/Black Red Head $ 33.00

Polu Kai Black/Blue Sold Pending Fee

Bart El Squid Jr. Pink Sold Pending Cost

R&ampS Black/Orange $ 20.00

C&ampH Significant Red Head Bart Yellowfin Skirts Sold Pending Cost

Pair of Yozuri Bullets Heavy six Oz heads $ 40.00

Bob Schneider Slant Blakc/Silver. Offered Pending Cost

three Bullets 1 R&ampS and 2 Hatteras Eye Catchers $ forty.00

Email tim@fishindays.com or PM with questions.

I can take Paypal, or you CC direct through the charter company.

Thank you, Tim

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