Frying Pan Tower 11-13-2011

Well the weatherman finally acquired it correct. Our fishing crew went from five down to three Friday nite then Saturday early morning our third member bailed so he could operate on his boat. Although we have been loading the boat a man walked up to speak fishing and explained his journey had boat troubles so we invited him to tag together. It was a slick trip out to Frying Pan Tower no beating and bouncing. Because we had no pogies we put a distribute of dead cigar minnows out and inside of 5 minutes we had a king reduce off the bait so I put it in free spool and peeled off line and he arrived back again and hit it once again. ten minutes later the skunk was off the boat. We had 2 more lower offs that our new crewmember missed given that he did not know considerably about king fishing and free spooling for a brief strike.

We then made the decision to head about 5 miles SW and try our luck at some bottom critters. No need to anchor since there was no wind. We caught close to fifty Black sea bass that would have been keepers in the 3 to 6 lb. assortment had it been final month. We almost certainly caught one more 40 or fifty beeliners and snapper that we had to launch as nicely. Our only grouper was two in. short so again down he went. Ended up only retaining a few grunts from the bottom. That is the explanation it could have been a fantastic day as an alternative of a fantastic day. A excellent day would have been getting in a position to retain all the great eats we sent back. Following observing the fleet of boats that moved above to exactly where we have been slaying kings we switched again to trolling. Had 2 quick lower offs inside five min. by our new deck hand. I had yet another brief strike so once more I cost-free spooled and low and behold a great bailer dolphin arrived to hook. We caught three much more kings and a bonita prior to getting the lines in at three:thirty for the ride again. Attachment 208457

All in all it was a great day but it could have been a excellent day had the period not been closed on BSB and snappers.
Attachment 208458
Attachment 208461
Noticed a whale on the way in but about the time I acquired my camera out he made a decision to remain down. We ran by this on the way in as it was coming across the shoals. I imagined I was on the Mississippi river. Attachment 208459Attachment 208460

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