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Oregon Inlet Fishing center report 2-24

FISHING REPORT – 2/22/twelve
by Denise

Today we had two offshore boats go out. One arrived in with a a hundred and fifty lb. Bluefin Tuna and had two Blufefin releases weighing one hundred fifty and 300 pounds. The other boat just arrived in with a 185 lb. Bluefin and had 7 Bluefin releases.

Oregon Inlet Fishing Middle
(252) 441-6301

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Frisco Rod and Gun fishing report 2-24

Hatteras Island Fishing Report
Posted on February 24, 2012

Right here is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banking companies Fishing Report for Hatteras Island:

The weather today was windy and overcast. We had south-west winds fifteen-twenty mph and the temperature ranges ended up in the lower 70&#8242s. Rain moved in late in the afternoon and it received a tiny even worse later on in the evening. There had been no reports from the surf nowadays. The offshore boats did not sail right now both. By Sunday the offshore forecast seems rather good with the seas calming down.

Hatteras Island Fishing Report
Posted on February 23, 2012

Here is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banks Fishing Report for Hatteras Island:

Right now was sunny and heat. We had south-west winds 10-15 mph with gust to 25 mph and the temperature ranges had been in the upper sixty&#8242s. The forecast for tomorrow is tons of wind from the south-west 20-thirty mph with gusts to over 40 mph and temperatures in the mid sixty&#8242s. The north seaside in Buxton had some sharks, skates and observed a rumor of a handful of sea mullet and blow toads also. No boats out right now due to rough seas and high winds.

Hatteras Island Fishing Report
Posted on February 22, 2012

Below is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Financial institutions Fishing Report for Hatteras Island:

Today was mainly sunny with warmer temperature ranges. We had south-west winds ten-15 mph and the temperatures had been in the lower 60&#8242s. The weather was nice nowadays but no fishing action from the surf to speak of. The offshore bluefin tuna fishing continues to be active. With a few boats fishing right now, they have been tough to hook. A number of yellowfin tuna ended up combined in.

Hatteras Island Fishing Report
Posted on February 21, 2012

Here is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Financial institutions Fishing Report for Hatteras Island:

Nowadays was considerably warmer with light winds. We had north-east winds at 5-10 mph changing to the south-west and the temperatures had been around sixty degrees. No report from the surf right now. The forecast is seeking like temperature ranges could be in the mid to upper 60&#8242s for the relaxation of the week, but winds could be in fifteen-twenty mph assortment with scattered showers. Offshore fishing was rather good. The bluefin tunas ended up biting the top water popping plugs fairly excellent right now. Some amberjacks and alabacore have been striking the vertical jigs.

Frisco Rod and gun

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The Southern Fishing report by Ken Sturdivant 2-24

“The Southern Fishing Report “

By Ken Sturdivant

106 Hickory Ridge

770 889 2654

Cumming, Georgia 30040

February 24, 2012


This Lake Lanier Bass report is from Jim Mathley, Jimbo’s Lake Lanier Guide Service. 770-542-7764

Bass fishing is very good and the fish have been active. They are definitely moving toward their spawning grounds and feeding up in preparation for this arduous process. We have been focusing our efforts both in the lower and upper lake with success everywhere. We have still been working the ditches and pockets in creek arms and we have also focused on main lake points and secondary points with rock/clay and brush that are near deep water. There are some fish that are showing up further away from deep water back in creek as well as main lake pockets. This provides confirmation that the pre-spawn period is progressing as it should with the warming water temperatures. We have found good activity shallow as well as in the 15 to 20 foot zone where brush is present. We have caught fish on Davis Shaky Head worms, jigs, and Spro jerk baits. The shallower fish in 15 feet of water or less seem to be the best fish and most available during periods of sunny weather, while the cloudy weather pushes the bait and fish deeper and positions the fish on the bottom. If there is wind blowing, fish your moving baits where the wind is the strongest and most direct into the bank and use a medium retrieve with any of the above moving baits. When using the jerk bait, make sure to impart two to three second pauses between your twitches. If you don’t get bit when fishing the moving baits in the wind, try the worm or jig as the wind allows. On certain days, we continue to find fish very shallow that will not respond to the moving baits, but will hammer a jig or worm. As always, once you find a creek, pocket, or main lake area holding bait and fish you may have success by rotating that area with other areas you find holding bait and fish.

This Lake Lanier Striper report is from Captain Ken West and Captain Mike Maddalena of Big Fish On! Guide Service, 404 561 2564.

Striper fishing is very good. The patter remains one of covering a lot of water with a variety of baits. We are not marking a lot of fish on the Lowrance. We have had my best success putting out a spread of live baits and searching an area. Start in the back of the creeks early with no weight on the free lines on four planner boards with two on each side and two or three free lines behind the boat. Vary your length behind the boards and boat from 40 to 100 feet. Always hang a couple of down rods over the side and vary the depth depending the depth of the water. Once the suns gets up, move towards the middle of the creeks focusing on deep water points and creek channels. Weight your lines with 1 to 3 split shots. Vary your speed from .3 to 1.0 mile per hour. This will cause your baits to work better than being pulled at a constant speed. Put someone on the front deck and cast a Capt. Mack’s 1/2 oz. buck tail jig with a fluke trailer. The Umbrella rig will work and can be used effectively to check out the creek channels. There are fish in every creek with a high concentration of bait. However, Four Mile Creek, Six Mile Creek and Flat Creek continue to be the go to creeks. We teach ON THE WATER SCHOOLS for SONAR and Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass. Call for details. Call for details.

February 24, 2012


Bass fishing has been good. Fishing has been consistent over the last few weeks with cold fronts and stabilizing weather. Nightly temperatures are beginning to be consistently warmer moving more fish into the pre spawn phase. Look for fish to become more scattered as they move up and away from their offshore holding areas. Cover water with small crank baits such as a Bandit 200 or Bomber 4A in red craw patterns. When you approach any piece of wood slow down with a shaky head or jig. For your shaky head use a Zoom green pumpkin trick worm. For your jig, use a black and blue 3/8 ounce All Terrain jig with a Z-Man Chunkz black and blue flake.

Hybrid and striper fishing is good. Fish are still on humps and road beds on main lake, but look to see their annual migration up river. For the upper river areas use live shad dropped into deeper holes where fish are present. The best areas are from Ringer access north.

Crappie fishing has been good. Fish are positioning further into creeks and pockets following bait as they position further into creeks. Troll minnows and Jiffy Jigs in ten to twelve feet of water leading back into creeks along the channel edge. The best areas have been Whitewater and Yellow Jacket creeks. Learn how to use the new Lowrance GEN2 Structure Map technology with our exclusive On the Water schools.

February 24, 2012


This Bass fishing report is from Matt Driver 404 456 6094

Bass fishing is great. Tournament winning weights last week were 18+ lbs with the best 5. Fish are defiantly on the pre spawn pattern with a wide variety of baits and depths. The bigger bass are being caught on jigs and shakey head worms in the 12 to 15 foot range on bluffs and long points. Fish these baits slow and strikes will not be a problem to detect. As the sun comes up it is warming the stained sun beat bank in the low 50’s turning on a late evening crank bait bite. We are using a mix between a Fat John and a Little John MD to cover the water in the 1 to 7 foot range. Cover plenty of water and stained water is working best.

This Lake Allatoona fishing Guides Report has been brought to you exclusively by Robert Eidson of First Bite Guide Service, 770 827 6282. Lake Allatoona, Georgia

Line side fishing is great and this is best February we can ever remember for line sides on Lake Allatoona. The fish are starting to stack up in the bays near Little River. The sea gulls are showcasing these fish and are easy to catch when they are on top. Live bait fished on free lines, Planner Boards along with throwing a spook we catch these fish. There is also a good down line bite from Galt’s Ferry up to Clear Creek. These fish are deep and can be anywhere from 18 to 40 feet deep. The south end is also picking up. Iron Hill is starting to produce some really nice stripers. The numbers are better up lake. But the bigger fish seem to be south. Trolling is also starting to pick up. We have caught some really good fish on Mack Farr umbrella rigs from Galt’s Ferry north to the S turns. We are starting to see some top water action in the morning but is very short and limited. The top water bite will improve as the water warms. So keep a Jr Spook ready. We teach ON THE WATER SCHOOLS for SONAR and Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass. Call for details. Call for details.

February 24, 2012


Bass fishing is good and the fish are on the creek points and creek bends all over the lake. The upper rivers are off colored so go into the creeks and look for any clearing water. Down lake, use the bleeding shiner Rat L Traps, spinner baits, lizards and Shad Raps and cast anything on the shallow bank cover. Road beds and trees in the water are holding schools of fish. The crank bait and spinner baits cast on the bank cover will get strikes. Big 1/2 ounce spinner baits down lake in the creeks are good. Work heavy bank cover way back in the creeks. Enticer spinner baits with bright blades will draw shallow strikes as the bass move to the creek banks and points during the day. The Zoom water melon seed lizards on a Carolina rig has been good later each day. On creeks on old channels, use a Culprit red shad worm on a Texas rig with the brass and glass combination. Work baits right on the bank around any cover. See our web site for Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass DVD on sale.

February 24, 2012


Bass fishing is good and the fish are ready to go shallow. Look for the fish early around docks and blow downs. Sinner baits and Flukes will get a big bite. Look on points in the creeks and the docks that are close by as they are holding fish. Flipping worms or jigs around and in heavy brush can draw a strike. The gourd green u tail Zoom worms on a Texas rig is fair just fish these baits slowly. Add scent using Jack’s Juice in the garlic flavor and work the lures in the same locations often. Most crank baits are slow but up the river use the 3/8 ounce Stanley spinner bait with all silver blades, and slow this bait on the wood on the banks. Shad Raps in the #7 size in shad color right on the banks cover later each day can draw strikes. See our web site for Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass DVD on sale.

February 24, 2012


Bass fishing is good and the backs of the creeks are the best locations all day. Use a bright Shad Rap or a Poe’s 300 crank baits on light 10 pound test Sufix Elite line. The Texas or Carolina rigged worms in motor oil or purple and good on the cuts. Add the brass and glass weight for extra sound and work lures right on the bank almost all day. The up river fish are biting in the creeks mouths and a Bang A Lure in gold black back or a buzz bait in all chartreuse will draw strikes. After the sun is high, use a 1/2 ounce Enticer spinner bait with gold and silver willow leaf blades. Up the lake the river is still stained to muddy. Get off the river into the creeks and find clear water. Bubble gum trick worms and spinner baits are good. See our web site for Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass DVD on sale. See our web site for Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass DVD on sale.

February 24, 2012


Bass fishing is good and the shallow fishing is a great all day pattern. Shallow water patterns include flipping, Texas rigging and sight fishing. The trick worms are starting to get lots of action. If you are looking for an area to concentrate on Cowikee Creek is a good all day area. Fish the shallow cover with jigs and plastics. Also try swimming worms and jigs in grass close to the sandbars. Use a Carolina rig on main lake sandbars at approximately 6 feet deep where the grass meets the sand. Use the 6 inch lizard in watermelon seed and green pumpkin. Also have the Alabama rig ready for the schooners that will show up mid day on these same sand bars. Learn how to use the Lowrance Structure Scan and Down Scan technology with Southern Fishing On the Water fishing schools.

February 24, 2012


Bass fishing is good. Fish the rip rap rock both early in the morning and again after the sun beats down on it for at least 45 minutes to an hour. Number five Jointed Shad Raps can be used in close to the rocks and use a DT10 hot mustard while fishing out a little deeper. Bounce these baits off the rocks then stop the bait for a two count then continue to reel it in slowly. A lot of the strikes will occur during the time the bait makes that dead slow rise, so be ready for any change in line direction. Carolina Rigs with Zoom trick worms in green pumpkin and creature baits will work. Slow roll a 3/8 ounce jig along the bottom in any shades of green or brown. Add a small amount of scent to the baits to cover any plastic or human scent on these baits. We teach ON THE WATER SCHOOLS for Sonar and Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass. Call for details. Learn how to use the new GEN 2 Lowrance HDS machines. Call for details.

February 24, 2012


Now available for sale 50 of my proven GPS waypoints for off shore structure for Bass and Crappie fishing on Weiss Lake, Alabama. E mail

Bass fishing is good and the spotted bass are biting in Little River and the Chattooga River, they are also being caught on main lake points and humps. Drop Shot rigs with a small craw or 4 inch Senko worm are working well, a Carolina rigged Senko worm is also catching fish. Large Mouth are starting to be caught in the bays and creeks on deeper brush and secondary points, Spinner baits and Carolina rigged plastics and the Alabama rig are producing fish.

Crappie fishing is good and a lot fish are being caught, long line trolling in the cove’s of the lower lake around Bay Springs, The bays and creeks in the upper Coosa river are starting to produce a lot of crappie also. Use 1/16 and 1/24 ounce Jiffy Jigs in colors JJ05, JJ13, JJ17,JJ18, JJ20. A few crappie are starting to be caught shooting docks with jigs. The fishing this year has been up and down with the weather.

February 24, 2012


Bass fishing is good and there are a lot of shallow bass biting in fairly shallow water although a few schools of bass remain deep. Small to medium sized crank baits and Rat L Traps are the main lure types producing fish, including larger bass. Catches with these baits are coming from clay and rocky banks, points and just inside the mouth of coves, docks, and rip rap. More fish will possibly be moving toward the middle and backs of coves during the current warming trend. Chrome and blue Rat L Traps in ¼ and ½ ounce sizes have both caught fish for several days now. Many of the fish are hitting half way back to the boat, so slow the bait down and allow it to bump bottom on each retrieve. We teach On the Water Schools for Sonar and Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass. Call for Ken details.

February 24, 2012


Bass fishing is good and the main lake is clear, stained to muddy up the rivers. Small crank baits will work on the docks and wood inside the mouths of the creeks and large coves. This pattern has been the best over the last two weeks and it should hold until the fish commit to the spawn. Use a shad pattern in the clear water, and use a craw fish, or fire tiger pattern in the stained water. A backup pattern is a white spinner bait on the bridge rip rap when Ga. Power is moving water.

Lake Oconee Line Side report brought to you by Mark Smith at Reel Time Guide Service. 404-803-0741.

Line side fishing is good. The stripers and hybrids are not stacked up at the dam yet. They are showing up in the middle of the lake out over the river channel. Bait is the key. If you find the bait the stripers/hybrids will be close by. Use your Lowrance to locate the schools of bait and drop your bait in the schools. If they will not take the live bait then it is time to put out the Capt. Mack’s 4 arm u-rig and pull it all around the bait. This has been very effective the last few days. Run the rig 90 to 100 feet behind the boat at 3 miles per hour. The stripers may not show on the Lowrance but they are close to the bait. Keep a Cat. Mac spoon tied on. There are times that it will out produce the live bait.

Crappie fishing is good. The crappie are showing up in the back of the major creeks. Lick creek, Sugar Creek and up the rivers. This is the time of year to fill your cooler with big slabs. Spider rigging in the back of these creeks will produce the most fish. Tip your jig with a minnow for the best results. The best jug color has been the blue black, or the green black. This should last until the end of spring. But the biggest fish will be caught over the next few weeks. The weather is good and the fish are feeding so now is a good time to take a child fishing. Sugar Creek Marina has a complete line of striper gear, crappie jigs and all the bass tackle you will need. The spring striper bite is on the way now is a good time to stock up. We teach On the Water Schools for Sonar and Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass. Call for Ken details at 770 889 2654 for details.

February 24, 2012


Bass fishing is good and the shallow bite is especially good later in the day. Use a green V and M lizards or worms in larger sizes worms on a Texas rigged 3/16 ounce tungsten sinker. Fish the shallows almost all day and work the docks with the heaviest brush slowly. Later in the day, fish the lower lake docks and skip a large green Zoom trick worm under the docks and let it sink. Add a Venom glass rattle in the worm and let it sink on a free line. Slowly work the worm right in the brush around these docks, as the rising water forces the bass tight into the cover. Later each day as the water warms, work this same worm on the sea walls around the lake on the sunny sides of the lake. The warm sunlight will also warm these areas, making the bass more active. Also late each day, slow roll an Enticer buzz baits with the fire tiger blades right on the docks and sea walls. We teach On the Water Schools for Sonar and Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass. Call for Ken details at 770 889 2654 for details.

Our DVD, Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass are now on sale for only $ 25.00 including shipping. Send a check payable to Southern Fishing Schools Inc. to: Southern Fishing Schools Inc to 106 Hickory Ridge Drive, Cumming Georgia. Please allow 14 days for delivery.

Ken Sturdivant, Lowrance Professional Fishing Staff will be conducting FREE! Sonar Seminars at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Lawrenceville Georgia. The BASICS OF SONAR seminars are held on the last Saturday of each month at 2pm. All seminars are subject to change without notice.

If you would like to have a free set up sheet for your sonar, send me an e mail to and ask for the Sonar Setup Quick List. See the new Lowrance machines at Lowrance Announces HDS Gen2. See them in action at Bass Pro Shops in Lawrenceville this Saturday from noon until 5pm.

We have these BASS FISHING books for sale: BASS FISHING LAKE LANIER, BASS FISHING LAKE ALLATOONA, BASS FISHING WEST POINT LAKE, BASS FISHING LAKE RUSSELL, BASS FISHING WEST POINT LAKE and BASS FISHING LAKE HARTWELL. These books are written exclusively for Bass and each book covers every week of the year. Each book $ 39.00. If you would like a sample of any book, send us an e mail to Our mailing address is: Southern Fishing Schools Inc. 106 Hickory Ridge, Cumming Georgia 30040.

Copyright 2012, Southern Fishing Schools Inc. calls us to set up a school, Maps and Depth Finders or SONAR and Rods, Reels and Lures for Bass. Call for 770 889 2654.

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Ocean Isle Fishing Center report 2-15

Red Action&quot | Get Active | 02/eleven/twelve
Attachment 213306
Brian Richard showed becoming a challenging core fisherman pays of with this good red drum he caught in the ICW close to the Sea Isle Marina and Yacht Club.

Because this afternoon the wind has genuinely kicked up and the temperature had fallen off the chart. We will have to see what the bite does after this front moves via.

– Capt. Rickey Beck

&quotGulfstream two/10&quot | OIFC Planet Cat / Carolina Cat | 02/11/12
Attachment 213307
Properly, I observed a climate window and took a shot at it. Arrived in the gulf stream to slick glassy seas and 74 diploma drinking water with pals Brad and Jimmy. Put out the high pace lures early with no luck, switched over to ballyhoo and trolled near the Exact same Ole hole marking plenty of bait and several moments viewing Tuna busting on best in huge colleges but they would not bite anything at all I pulled. Mid early morning, we had been completely ready for some action so we pulled out the Jigging tackle and went to operate on the &quotEndangered&quot Grouper off our coast… We caught and released 8 Groupers all in the 10-20lb array in just more than an hour. We also caught our discuss of Enormous 7-8 foot sharks and Small Amberjacks. Once we had been all excellent and tired, it was back again on the troll to look for the Wahoo that had eluded us therefore far… On a hunch, I punched in the Tower and started out trolling in direction of that place. About the time we headed that way, the Fan turned on and seas started out building. Just as I was about to call it and head house, the Left quick rigger holding a Black and Red BWC Tweener exploded….. Immediately after using the reel down to about 100 yards of Braid left, the fish slowed down. We cleared down and started out fighting the seas back again to where the fish was. Immediately after about a 20 moment combat, the gaff was sunk and our token wahoo was in the boat… Overall a fairly slow day but it was lovely early and a entertaining day with Buddies. The Gulf stream action really should only get far better from below… Ebook your trip and lets go fishing…This image does not do justice to this fish… It was simply 70 lbs….
– Capt. Steele Park

Sea Isle Fishing Middle- Ocean Isle Beach, NC – for a lot more reviews and approaching fishing information go to

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Oregon Inlet Fishing center report 2-20

FISHING REPORT – 2/eighteen/12
by Denise
Attachment 213609
The weather conditions was beautiful today here at Oregon Inlet. We had 8 boats go offshore fishing and one inshore. According to the captain’s there have been a great deal of fish out there, nevertheless they just weren’t biting. They returned with four Wahoo, a single Bluefin tuna weighing 140 lbs., about three Bluefin tuna releases, 3 Dolphin and one Yellowfin tuna. Our inshore boat caught Canine Sharks and introduced two Sea Bass.

FISHING REPORT two-twenty-12
by Affie

The early morning weather conditions was quite unpleasant but the sunshine came out for the afternoon. We had some hearty folks to go out on our light tackle charter for the afternoon. They had a great afternoon with very good canine shark fishing. Brought some back in to clear and bake. They are also great for fish and chips.

Oregon Inlet Fishing Center
(252) 441-6301

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Ocean Isle Fishing Center report 2-20

OIFC Globe Cat / Carolina Cat | 02/19/12

Previous contact — OIFC is hiring retailer clerks, dock boys, boat washers, 1st mates and captains. Applications will be acknowledged via the stop of this month. If you have curiosity, e mail

– Capt. Brant McMullan

&quotApproaching Chilly Front&quot | Tiberias – 22′ | 02/18/12

It is February with a chilly front pushing by means of Texas, Louisiana, Alambama, and approaching quick. Abundant sunshine and warm air from the Gulf has gotten our h2o temperature on the rise once again. The redfish are stacked up in some of the regional group holes and scattered in tiny groups on the flats. The speckled trout continue to move in and out of the rivers as h2o temperatures alter swiftly from day to day. Flounder have been caught in deep pockets of h2o as they are awakened by the warm waters draining off the flats. It has been a mild winter season so far this year, but one particular chilly front following an additional carries on to preserve the fishing up and down. Nowadays the fishing was on the up side. Red drum ended up biting effectively as a friend documented catching 15 in just a few hours. Most were on the little aspect, but he had a few of keepers in the mix. I also had a buddy yesterday report the trout biting tough up the river as he caught a number of. Again, most of them staying on the modest facet with only 6 keepers in the blend. Jeffery Weeks just coated a story in the Brunswick Beacon on catching flounder this time of year. I caught 1 that was 17 inches final week and that is a great flounder for this time of calendar year. The climate is gorgeous down below! It is suppose to be the very same way following saturday and sunday and with the new moon just passing the fish must be biting yet again. Occur on down and be a part of us! See ya on the h2o!

– Capt. Jacob Frick
Attachment 213610Attachment 213612
Inshore Report&quot | Tiberias – 22′ | 02/sixteen/twelve

Effectively, I fished hard Wednesday…caught a single trout throughout the daylight hours. Once more, I could see the redfish, but they are not seeking to bite. Even spooked a good dimension university of trout. Crystal clear h2o! I made the decision to go back at dead reduced tide for the duration of the evening and the redfish have been thicker than fleas! You inquire…How could I see them? Green light! Thats correct…They had been swimming appropriate up to the boat with me final night. Rather interesting…caught and launched four ahead of calling it the night time. The fish are here, but the up and down weather designs have them feeding very small. Oh well, we will just take what we can get this time of year. See ya on the h2o!
– Capt. Jacob Frick

Attachment 213611
Sea Isle Fishing Center- Sea Isle Seaside, NC – for more reviews and upcoming fishing news go to

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Hatteras Harbor fishing report 2-20

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Owing To Unfishable Climate All Boats Stayed At The Docks

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fantastic climate today with boats seeing much more of a combine nowadays. Bluefin had been great but ended up hard to get to bite. There have been a number of Yellowfin Tuna and a scattered Wahoo and Dolphin. A 124&quot Hammerhead was brought to the dock. If you have been hunting at our webcame amongst five:forty five and 6PM you would have seen it. If you missed it will not overlook to like us on facebook so you can get last minute updates.

Present day Citations:

Great Moments: Nick Cecil of Hilliard, OH – 124&quot Hammerhead Shark!
Attachment 213614
**See 11 12 months old Nick with his 124&quot Hammerhead pictured below! Pretty Function Nick!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Many boats out to day with cool breezy climate. Exceptional Bluefin fishing with several launched and many coming back again to the docks. There were also a few Wahoo caught nowadays. Our photograph right now is eleven yr outdated Nicholas Cecil with his 205lb Bluefin Tuna.
Attachment 213613

Reduced Profile: John Jones of Warminster, PA released a Bluefin Tuna. Jamie Faraldi of North Bergen, NJ caught a 180lb Bluefin Tuna.

Excellent Occasions: Nicholas Cecil of Hilliard, OH caught a 205lb Bluefin Tuna. Robert Johnson of Elizabethtown, KY launched a Bluefin Tuna.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bluefin Tuna fishing carries on to be very good for the boats, they caught them very good these days each trolling and casting poppers. There was also a indication of Yellowfin and some Dolphin caught. It was really wonderful offshore nowadays, as nicely as fishing the parties also received to see Killer and Humpback Whales and a lot of Porpoises.

Hatteras Harbor Marina
P.O. Box 537
Hatteras , NC 27943

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Frisco Rod and Gun fishing report 2-20

Hatteras Island Fishing Report
Posted on February 20, 2012

Here is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banks Fishing Report for Hatteras Island:

These days on Washington’s birthday the winds had been still blowing twenty five-35 mph. By late afternoon the winds dropped to fifteen-20 mph and the temperature ranges ended up in the low to mid 40&#8242s. Due to the windy weather conditions no one particular that I know of fished right now from the surf. There have been no boats fishing nowadays both

Hatteras Island Fishing Report
Posted on February 19, 2012

Below is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banking companies Fishing Report for Hatteras Island:

These days was rainy and windy all day. The winds were from the north-east at 15-25 mph with gusts to 35 mph and the temperatures ended up in the upper 40&#8242s. Needless to say the weather created fishing just about impossible right now. So I have no report for the surf or offshore. Tomorrow is Washington’s birthday and the winds will be north at 25-40 mph and lowering to twenty-25 mph and the temperatures will be in the upper forty&#8242s.

Hatteras Island Fishing Report
Posted on February eighteen, 2012

Below is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banking institutions Fishing Report for Hatteras Island:

Nowadays was sunny. We had east north-east winds at ten-15 mph and the temperature ranges have been in the upper fifty&#8242s. The following two days are meant to be incredibly windy and rainy. The lower pressure system coming up from the south-west is going to develop plenty of rain and winds from the east at 20-35 mph and the temperatures in the mid 50&#8242s. Sunday evening and Monday the winds could be as substantial as forty mph from the north. The fishing at Cape Point and alongside the south beach front was a little far better these days, some blow toads and sharks had been caught. The offshore fishing carries on to be fairly very good. There ended up tons of bluefin tuna, but nowadays they have been not biting as nicely, only a few caught. The yellowfin tuna, dolphin and wahoo bites were scattered today.

Frisco Rod and gun

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South Carolina DNR saltwater fishing report 2-16

Feb. sixteen
Saltwater Fishing Developments:

(Sporadic reporting owing to winter months problems)

Minor River – Grand Strand – Charleston – Beaufort – Tides – S.C. marine recreational fishing polices (PDF file). Saltwater Fishing License internet site.

Fishing developments courtesy Verify the web site for modern updates and detailed reports.

Small River

No report.

Grand Strand

No report.


No report.

Beaufort (unchanged from Feb. nine)

Spottail Bass: Honest. Some great fish are nevertheless being caught, specifically sight fishing at low tide. Gulp! continues to be the bait of option, despite the fact that other greatly scented delicate plastics will work, as well.
Trout: Honest. Trout fishing has slowed down and the action is strike or skip. Use live shrimp and Gulp! shrimp imitations for best final results.

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South Carolina DNR freshwater fishing report 2-16

Freshwater Fishing Trends – Feb. 16
Fishing Information

StriperFishing trends courtesy Check the site for recent updates and detailed reports.

Mountains Area

Lake Jocassee:

Trout: Fair to good. Captain Steve Pietrykowski reports that fishing has picked up and trout are eating a little bit of everything. Live shiners still seem to be the most productive bait, but small spoons and Rapala plugs are also working. There is a good concentration of bait up the rivers, but fish are also spread out throughout the whole lake. Fishing from the surface down to 50 feet has been the best depth range.
Black Bass: Slow. Captain Pat Bennett advises that water temperatures are warmer than typical for this time of year, but getting bit is still difficult! The best winter action traditionally is found fishing over deep water for suspended fish. Look for bait schools on your graph, and then lower down a jigging spoon or drop shot rig. Bait and fish are on the move, but locals know deep spots with underwater structure that will often produce.

Lake Keowee:

Largemouth and Spotted Bass: Fair. Guide Brad Fowler reports that fish are spread out across the whole of Lake Keowee, from deep to shallow, and so it’s difficult to name a predominant pattern. A typical winter pattern on Keowee is to fish around very deep structure with drop shot rigs or shakey head worms, and fish can be caught this way. Blade runners and jerkbaits have also been productive in 15-30 feet of water.

Lake Hartwell:

Black Bass: Fair to good. Guide Brad Fowler reports that fish are spread out across much of the lake from deep to shallow. Fish can be caught in 35-40 feet of water using traditional winter fishing techniques, such as working drop shot rigs and spoons near channel swings, drops or other structure proximate to deep water. There is also a pretty good crankbait and jig bite in shallow water.
Catfish: Fair to good. Captain Bill Plumley reports that the blue catfish bite remains fairly strong, but this month fish should move into the creeks and the bite should really turn on. Right now most fish are being caught in 15-30 feet of water off points near the main river channel. A variety of cut baits will work. The channel catfish bite remains very slow, although a few fish can still be caught on cut herring.
Striped and Hybrid Bass: Fair. Captain Bill Plumley reports that some striper are being picked up pulling umbrella rigs over deep water along channel edges. Rigs are being set about 80 feet behind the boat and pulled at 2 ½ to 3 miles per hour. The biggest fish, though, are being caught pulling large gizzard shad with planer boards and on free lines in 4-6 feet of water in the creeks.
Crappie: Fair. Captain Bill Plumley reports that crappie fishing on Lake Hartwell is decent dropping bait 12-20 feet down over brush in 25 feet of water. His boat is fishing almost exclusively with minnows right now.

Piedmont Area

Lake Russell:

Black Bass: Fair to good. Guide Wendell Wilson reports that a mix of spotted and largemouth bass can be caught fishing drop shot rigs baited with either worms or minnows just off the bottom in 25-35 feet of water. In addition to plenty of spots coming on this technique, 3-5 pound largemouth have also been taking the drop shot rig. The best areas have been clean bottoms near creek channels, and of course finding bait schools is critical. Some anglers are also having success throwing Alabama rigs/small umbrella rigs over the tops of very deep timber in 70-80 feet of water. A mixture of bass and striper can be found in those areas, and the traditional striper fishing technique of following the birds will give away fish locations. Bass are feeding on threadfin shad and so small jigs that have the appearance of bait broken away from the large school are hard for fish to pass up.
Striped bass: Good. Guide Wendell Wilson reports that striper and bass are being caught together over deep water timber on small umbrella rigs, and right now fish are taking the jigs better than live bait. However, pulling large baits over timber on the south end of the lake is also a good technique to catch a Lake Russell monster.
Crappie and perch: Fair to good. Guide Wendell Wilson reports that it has not gotten warm enough for fish to move very shallow yet, but those times may not be far off. For now the best bet is fishing jigging spoons in 25-35 feet of water over clean bottoms in the same areas where bass are being located.
Catfish: Fair. Guide Wendell Wilson reports that the best way to catch catfish right now is to anchor in 25 feet of water and put out a lot of chum to attract fish. One inch sections of cut herring is the best bait.

Lake Thurmond:

Striped and Hybrid Bass: Good. Captain William Sasser reports that fish are very sensitive to fronts right now, and on warmer days they will be found in the backs of creeks but on cooler days they will be at the mouths. His boat is spending the most time fishing the mid-lake area in the South Carolina Little River and Soap Creek. In the morning he is pulling planer boards shallow in 10-12 feet of water, and they caught a 33 pound fish on this technique last week. They are also fishing down lines in 40-45 feet of water. Guide Wendell Wilson reports that at the top of Clarks Hill near the junction of the Broad and the Savannah they have found some excellent action for striper, hybrids and white perch.
Black bass: Fair to good. Buckeye Lures in Augusta reports that the bite is improving and fish are getting close to moving into a pre-spawn pattern due to warmer than typical temperatures. Some fish are still in a typical winter pattern, and they can be caught in ditches 15-25 feet deep on lead head fluke rigs and spin blades. Others have moved up into shallow pockets both in the creeks and the main lake, and these fish are hitting crankbaits well.
Crappie: Fair to good. Captain William Sasser reports that crappie are essentially in pre-spawn mode, and that means it is dock time. In the morning fish can be caught under deeper docks in 25 or so feet of water, but in the afternoon they will be found shallower around docks in 5 or 6 feet of water. Both minnows and very light 1/64 ounce jigs will produce, but cold fronts will temporarily set back the fishing.

Lake Wylie:

White perch: Very good. Captain Rodger Taylor reports that white perch fishing remains consistent, and fish are feeding in open water on the edges of humps 30-35 feet deep. Schools are a mix of large and small fish, so don’t move on just because you catch a few small ones. Fishing small minnows on a modified Sabiki rig is the best technique.
Catfish: Good. Captain Rodger Taylor reports that unstable weather systems are making for a bite than can change from day to day. Colder temperatures huddle fish in the main river channel, but warmer periods typically spread fish out shallower and into the front of creeks. Drifting cut bait for blue catfish in the river channel in 35-40 feet of water is a good bet, but be willing to move in order to locate fish. For the first time this winter Captain Taylor has recently started to find a vertical bite for suspended channel catfish.
Largemouth Bass: Fair. FLW Professional and Guide Matt Arey reports that fluctuating weather patterns have slowed the bite recently, and tournament weights have been down. Fish are scattered, but for the most part the fish are still almost totally related to bait. Bait schools are typically at the mouths of creeks, and in warmer period bait can be found in the front half of creeks. The best bite is probably coming on jerkbaits, but fishing spoons and grubs – such as Yamamato single tail grubs rigged behind a ¼ or 3/16 ounce jighead – around channel swings, points and at the mouths of creeks in 20 feet of water is producing. As always in the winter on Lake Wylie fish can be caught near the lower and upper hot holes using a variety of shallow water techniques.

Midlands Area

Lake Greenwood: (unchanged from Feb. 9)

Largemouth Bass: Fair. Try using crankbaits off main points or jigging around brush piles and deep holes.
Stripers: Fair, using live bait, herring or shad 20 to 25 feet deep. White Perch: Fair, jigging bucktails and berry spoons 15-20 feet deep.
Crappie: Fair, using minnows and mini jigs in black and chartreuse over brush in 10 to 20 feet of water.
Catfish: Fair, using cut bait and worms on the bottom.
Bream: Poor. Try using crickets and red worms.

Lake Monticello: (unchanged from Feb. 9)

Catfish: Fair. Anchoring on main lake humps and points with steep ledges is most effective for putting big blue catfish in the boat; being patient and staying in one spot for a while can really pay off. Cut gizzard shad, big threadfin shad, and white perch seem to be the best baits.

Lake Wateree:

Catfish: Good to very good. Captain Rodger Taylor reports that “winter” catfishing on Lake Wateree is strong right now, and both numbers of fish and good-sized blue catfish are being caught. Be willing to fish a variety of different areas, including the river channel, flats between the major creeks and creek mouths, as changing conditions have fish on the move. Bait is abundant but not bunched up, and so netting shad is difficult.
Crappie: Good. Will Hinson of the Southern Crappie Tournament Trail reports that fish are temperamental due to changing weather conditions, and on warmer days they will move into the creeks and on cooler days they will hold closer to the main channel. Beaver, Dutchman’s, and Taylor Creeks have been fishing the best. The best fishing has been in 8-16 feet of water, and on colder days fish are holding closer to the bottom and on warmer days they will move up the water column. A few people are long-line trolling, but the best technique remains tight-lining with jigs and minnows. Fish are still a month or more from spawning.
Largemouth Bass: Slow to fair. Captain Chris Heinning reports that bass fishing has slowed due to cold and murky water in the system, plus the lake being down a few feet. Most of the bait is around the mid-lake region. Some bass can still be caught around main lake rocky points with bright colored cranking type baits. Also, some fish can be taken around docks near deep water with brush around them using jigs and shakey head worms. Work depths of 8 feet or less due to murky water.

Lake Murray:

Catfish: Very good. Captain Chris Simpson reports that water temperatures are cold enough to put fish in winter locations, but warm enough for a hot bite. Blues, channels and white catfish seem to be feeding best in 40-80 feet of water, and they are orienting to ledges along the main river channel or deeper creek channels. Drifting cut herring, gizzard and threadfin shad is the best technique, and anglers should drift along the ledges or crisscross the channel multiple times on a drift. On warmer days fish may move up shallower in the late afternoon.
Striped Bass: Good. Lake World reports that fish are in a typical early spring pattern and they are spread out all over the lake. The best fish will be caught on free lined live herring pulled across shallow areas, and fish can be caught from the rivers to the dam area. Look for the birds to locate bait and fish.
Shellcracker: Good. Lake World reports that the shellcracker bite has gotten hot in 2-8 feet of water using worms.
Crappie: Fair to good. Captain Brad Taylor reports that there are two major patterns for catching crappie right now. One is a traditional winter tight-lining pattern up the Big and Little Saluda Rivers, pulling minnows and jigs 8-12 feet deep in 15-20 feet of water. The other pattern is fishing around bridges and deeper docks with jigs. For this pattern fish from the bottom to the top to locate the depth where crappie are feeding.
Largemouth Bass: Fair. Veteran bass angler Doug Lown reports that even though everything is a few weeks ahead of schedule fish are still almost totally keyed on bait. The best fish are being caught on crankbaits fished around deep rocky points, but smaller fish can be caught running warm pockets with drains and ditches and casting small crankbaits. There is also a decent jerkbait bite early, but it’s been difficult to catch a good sack fishing worms on the bottom. A few fish are holding around docks at the mouths of creeks, but that bite should improve soon. Right now it is rare to catch fish in the very backs of creeks as fish are still closer to deep water.

Santee Cooper System

Catfish: Fair to good. Captain Jim Glenn reports that catfishing continues to be moderately strong, with fish scattered in both deep and shallow water. Anchoring in the shallows has been productive, as has deeper drifting in 25-40 feet of water. Baits of choice continue to be menhaden, mullet and gizzard shad.
Striped Bass: Fair to good. Captain Jim Glenn reports that striped bass are being caught throughout the system, and some limited schooling activity has been reported in both lakes. Striper have been caught in the bigger creeks of Lake Marion with shiners, shad and artificial lures including jigs, spoons and diving baits.
American shad: Fair. Captain Jim Glenn reports that American shad have begun their annual spawning run up the Tailrace Canal and the Santee River, and fishermen are starting to have intermittent success casting and trolling small jigs. Shad fishing will continue to improve as the normal peak of the recreational shad season is a month or more away.
Largemouth bass: Fair. Captain Jim Glenn reports that largemouth bass fishing has improved over the past few days, particularly in shallow water. Crankbaits and spinnerbaits have been the most productive lures.
Crappie: Fair. Captain Steve English reports that crappie are moving into an early spring pattern, and particularly in the upper lake some good fish have been caught in shallow water. Early and late fish will be in shallower water, around the edges of creeks, grass and trees. Mid-day most fish will be suspended in the middle of creeks, when trolling will be the easiest way to target them.

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